Irish Language

Irish Officers: Claire Keating and Marie Berkery.

Cappamore GAA and Camogie Club is more than a sporting club. GAA runs deep in the veins of Irish people for generations. It is a reflection of our identity as a community, a club, a county and a nation.

Here at Cappamore GAA and Camogie we try to promote awareness of community. We also like to promote the principles of our organisation.

Language is one of those core principles. Our language would probably have died away soon after the famine had it not been for the GAA.

The Irish language is now alive and growing with Gael Scoils popping up all around the country. Here in Cappamore GAA and Camogie we try to encourage coaches to use Irish as much as possible in an enjoyable way. Here are a few phrases that may be useful on the training pitch:

Gach éinne chun a áit fhéin.

Goh-eenga cun a ought hain.

Every man to his own place.

Misneach a bhuacaillí!

Mish-nock a woo-kalee!

Play up, boys!

Bíoídh réidh.

Bee gee raeg.

Get ready.

Bhfuil sibh go léir réidh?

Will shiv gu lair raeg?

Are you all ready?




Tarraing uirri, a Sheaghain.

Tharraing erry a hyawn.

Draw on it Jack.

Buaile ar a dthalaimh í.

Booil er a dholov ee.

Hit it on the ground.

Tóg suas ì.

Thogue soos ee.

Take it up.

Ná bì a tógaint i gcomhnuidhe.

Naw bee awe thogant igoonee.

Don’t be always lifting it.

Tóg ar an ruth ì.

Thogue er a ruoh ee.

Take it on the run.

Tóg t’aimsir.

Thogue thime-shir.

Take your time.

Beir uirre!

Berr erry!

Catch it!

Stop ì!

Sthup ee!

Stop it!

Fáinne óir ort, a bhuachaill.

Faw-in ore urth, a woo-a- kull.

Bravo, my lad.

Go maith, a Phádraig.

Gu moh, a Faw-rig.

Good man, Paddy.

Fáire futh, a Sheumaisìn.

Fwarrih footh, a Haimishin.

Shame, Jimmy.



Hurry up!

T’aire! Tathair ort. Isteach ar an bhfear.

Tharreh! Thaw-har- urth. Sthoch ar a var.

Mind yourself! He’s on you. In on the man.

Tarslán na Fianna!

Thos slawn na Fee-anah.

Up Fianna.

Gabh as mo slige.

Gew ass mu hlee

Come out of my way.

Fág fúm é.

Faug foomh eh.

Leave it to me.




Cé dó an puck sun?

Kay gu an puck sun?

Whose puck is this?

Is do Clann Ui Néill é.

Iss dhu Clown-ee- naill eh.

Claun O’Neill’s.

Is linn ì shin.

Iss lingeh ee shin.

That’s ours (our ball).

Buail ì sin, a Liam.

Booil ee shin, a Leem.

Hit that, Bill.

Isteach léithe.

Sthock lay-hee.

In with it (score).

Ar thugadhar libh ì?

Err hugawer live ee?

Did ye score?




Mì-rath a Chraobh Ruadh!

Mee-roch a Crave Rue!

Hard lines, Craobh Ruadh!

Cé bhuaig?

Kay vooig?

Who won?

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