Cappamore GAA Injury Process

Injury Process

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Cappamore GAA and Camogie have a Physiotherapy service in place for all players incurring injury. This service is available to all players from U13 to Adult

Players are to liaise with their managers whenever an injury occurs and a physiotherapy session will be arranged through the club.

The club will subsidise the cost of treatment.

Guidelines in the event of serious injury – ensure appropriate notification

Player injury schemes/insurance

The GAA and Camogie have an injury scheme/fund which is funded entirely from Club and GAA. The scheme/fund is NOT an Insurance cover and do not seek to compensate fully for injury, rather lessen the hardship to players and officials. The scheme/fund supplement other schemes/insurance cover where applicable e.g. VHI, Aviva

Procedure for submitting a claim
GAA Injury Scheme

  • Report any suspected Injury
  • A claim form can be downloaded from here
  • The first two pages of this form must be filled out as soon as possible and given to our Club Claims Administrator who will forward to Willis the GAA claims administrators
  • A claim must be registered with Willis within 60 days of an injury, otherwise, the claim will not be processed
  • When the treatment for the injury is completed, the remainder of the form must be filled in and given to our Claims Administrator, along with all medical bills
  • Any queries or correspondence relating to a claim must be made through Club Claims Administrator
  • Club Claims Administrator will ensure that all required Club and County Board signatures and documentation are completed
  • Club Claims Administrator will also follow up with the player regarding any queries from Willis or any further information required
  • Once a settlement cheque has been issued to the club, the Club Claims Administrator will organise for the settlement amount to be forwarded to the player

Note: GAA Injury Scheme no longer covers physio treatment

Ladies injury fund

  • Report any suspected Injury
  • The claim form can be downloaded from the LGFA website
  • Preliminary forms must be submitted as soon as possible and given to the Club Claims Administrator if private treatment is required to seek permission before proceeding –see below
  • The claim must be registered with the Co-ordinator in Head Office Rosemarie Coyle within 60 days of the incident otherwise it will not be processed
  • The form must be signed by the injured player and countersigned by the Club Secretary as a declaration of authenticity (the signature of the Club Secretary will be dealt with by the Club Claims Administrator
  • When a final claim is being submitted the claims documentation must be accompanied with all supporting documentation (all documents must be originals – photocopies will not be accepted)
  • If Private Treatment (treatment that is paid outside of the public health treatment system)is required permission must be requested and must be supported by documentation from a Medical Practitioner giving the reason why private treatment is necessary.
  • If a submitted claim is not fully documented, the necessary documents may be requested by the Co-ordinator, or declared void

All payments are made directly to the applicant.

Camogie – Player accident scheme

  • Report any suspected Injury
  • Claim form to be downloaded from the Camogie Associate website
  • Summary of cover should be referred to ensure injury within the scope of cover
  • Claim forms should be submitted to the Club Claims Administrator who will submit to Willis who are the scheme administrators
  • Notification (minimum of the 1st 2 pages of claim form) must be submitted to Willis within 30 days of the injury
  • Section E to be completed by a Doctor/Dentist/Physiotherapist. If no stamp available business card to be submitted or letter on headed paper stating no stamp or business card available
  • Cost of completion of Medical Section must be borne by Claimant
  • Referee’s report is required if the injury occurred during an official match, if not on referee’s report a copy of the report along with a letter from the County Secretary confirming date and circumstances of injury is required. A Club letter is required if injury during official training/challenge match
  • Sections to be completed
    • Medical claim – Sections A, B, F and G
    • Loss of Earning (self-employed Sections A, B, C, E, F and G
    • Loss of Wages (employed) Sections A, B, D, E, F and G

Payments will be made to either Club or Claimant as appropriate


  1. Claim forms should be given directly to Club Claims Administrator by the player and not to the Team manager or mentor
  2. Please always check the cover and any excess applicable

All teams should keep a copy of the appropriate Claim form and Brochures in the Medical kit bag. If a player needs to go for medical attention these should be given to him. The player can then get the doctor/dentist to fill out the Medical part of the form after he has been treated.

The mentor should ensure that the referee makes a note of any injury in his match report.

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